Our Team General Partners - Scientific Advisors - Fund Advisors

Apjohn Ventures Fund is managed by two General Partners - Mina Patel Sooch, Donald R. Parfet. They have combined over 40 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare experience in management, strategy and finance, business development and licensing, mergers and acquisitions, drug discovery research and development, sales and marketing, manufacturing, intellectual property strategy, and seed through later stage round fundraising. Mina and Don both value the Midwest work ethic and look for likeminded entrepreneurs who value respect, honesty, hard work, and teamwork.

The Apjohn Ventures team is larger and more resourceful than just its general partners. Apjohn puts a lot of trust and weight in the opinions of its Scientific Advisors and the Fund Advisors.

First, our talented Scientific Advisors bring hundreds of years of experience and hundreds of new drug filings that greatly assist in deal screening and due diligence. Along with their deep scientific and medical backgrounds which keep us apprised of the latest medical research and industry trends, they also bring track records of successful exits of IPOs and acquisitions of some of the companies they started like Esperion Therapeutics.

Second, the Fund Advisors play an active role in a traditional fund advisory role to advise on portfolio management issues and align LP interests. This three-member team has a deep expertise in finance, portfolio analysis, deal making, venture capital, and biotech/pharma.

The collective team's diverse and complementary backgrounds and relationships make Apjohn a great partner to collaborate with for entrepreneurs.

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